Save Time Reviewing Resumes

Karen reviews hundreds of candidates per second and highlights the most qualified. This significantly reduces your workload and allows you to focus on finding the right candidate, faster.

Save Time Engaging Candidates

Karen’s conversation service interacts with candidates via chat or SMS. Karen connects with every candidate, positively enhancing brand reputation. Karen pre-screens candidates to measure engagement– giving you more time with the best.

Save Time Interviewing

Karen’s Shortlisting and Conversation Service allows you to identify top talent, and gain deeper insight to a candidate’s personality and overall team fit. With Karen, you have the tools to engage the best, and seamlessly funnel them from applicant to successful hire.

What Does Karen Do?


Karen promptly ranks candidates against other applicants, saving you valuable time to focus on top talent. Karen rapidly assesses candidates by matching team personality and culture fit, keywords and concept insights. And, if a candidate is not a good fit for one position, Karen will suggest other positions which may be a better fit.
Karen solves the problem of high volume applicant submissions – and empowers recruiters and hiring managers to engage only the best.

Candidate Engagement

Candidate Engagement is a conversation service that interacts with the candidate throughout the application process to gain a targeted insight about their qualifications – and overall fit – for the position. Candidate Engagement keeps the candidate informed about the recruiting process, and their status in the submission pipeline. This powerful tool effortlessly increases interactions with prospective employees on behalf of the recruitment team and engages them immediately.
Karen Discussion

Karen integrates directly with your existing ATS so your efficiency increases while maintaining your workflow.

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